About Us

Matt Palmer started this hat   business in 1996   with the purpose of making     hats   that had that perfect custom fit like you had worn this hat forever. Anymore   it is hard to find a hat that fits you just right . Either they are too big or too small. They   are too tight on the fore head   or to loose on the sides,   and with the price oftentimes you pay for a nice hat you want it to fit you. Matt has learned many of his hatmaking skills from   watching many hatmakers around the country, and   just learning as he went trying new things out for himself whether it was a good idea or not such a good idea.

  All of our hats are handmade   custom to your style size and shape . From the   ironing , to the pouncing , to hand stitching a bound edge   to sewing in a sweat band   and the   outside band. Finished with a handmade wood retainer in the shape of your head steamed into the hat to maintain your shape when you are not wearing your hat.

    Our   goal is to have many satisfied customers so we want to work with you as best as we can.